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Defining our brand

Brangento is a uniquely powerful application that lets you see your brand all in one place. It also gives users insights on where their brand ranks.

Our brand values

We believe in making the power of branding available to all and we value your feedback very highly.

The words we use

We use clear and simple language even when talking about complex things.

Our brand image

Bright, creative and distinctive. We always try to use original and distinctive imagery. Using original images is something that makes every brand stand out.

Our brand colors


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Top 5 ranking brands

  1. Guinness Ireland (Demo)
  2. Apple UK Demo
  3. Eugene Burns
  4. Highlands Power
  5. Yotaphone
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why connect with us?

We always try to connect and engage with our users to better understand what you need.


why we're here

We're here to help businesses of all kinds grow their brand and grow their business.

What makes us different

Brangento is the first brand visualisation tool of its kind and it also allows us to rank brands and their performance.

why We're unique

We invented Brangento!

our future

Lots of new features and elements are coming soon. With Brangento we're building a brand not just another software application.

latest updates

We're launching the next stage of Brangento soon and don't forget to check out the Brangento Report. We've also got some Brangento user events coming up soon - stay tuned for details.