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Eugene Burns

tech founder and creative director

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Eugene Burns
Design technology
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Defining our brand

I'm the founder and creative director of Brangento. I've also helped to build many successful brands and I'm a designer and brand specialist.

Our brand values

I value a creative approach to brand and business challenges. I value great design thinking that helps real people get better results and achieve their dreams.

The words we use

I try to use words and communication that's clear and approachable and not be afraid to use my own voice.

Our brand image

Inventive, creative with a touch of black. I feel it's important that images brands use should be original and distinctive. That doesn't always mean they need to cost a lot of time and money to create.Be original!

Our brand colors


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why connect with us?

Social media is not just just part of your marketing it's an essential part of your product and your brand.


why we're here

I'm here to make businesses and brands work better and help them be more creative and successful.

What makes us different

I've built at least one technology company - not everyone can say that.

why We're unique

Everyone and every brand is unique you just need to find your voice.

our future

The plan is to take Brangento stratospheric. Brangento is a brand not just another piece of software.

latest updates

We're working on the next stage of Brangento and it's going to be exciting, challenging and also lots of fun.Having built stage one stage two will be even more challenging but more rewarding too.