how to build your brand

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You can use the Brandbuilder tool to help you build your brand at any time. To edit your profile use the Edit Profile button under your user name.

This takes you to the box where you can edit your details, upload your logo and images, choose colours and connect your social media accounts.

Try to make your profile unique and compelling.

Brangento is designed to be easy-to-use and intuitive but we’re always here if you need some help.


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If you need help building your brand and you’d like to speak to an expert we can help you with that too.




frequently asked questions

How do I build my brand profile?

Try answering some simple Brandbuilder questions and upload some interesting content and original images that work for your brand. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and compelling.

How do I choose my brand colours?

Simply click on the colour bars in the colour picker in your profile overview and you can key in the values too if you like.

How do you measure Brandrank?

Brangento looks at your profile and your answers to the Brandbuilder questions to give your brand an overall score.

What’s Brandbuilder?

Brandbuilder is our tool that asks some simple questions to help you grow your brand. There’s a more in-depth version for Premium and Corporate users.