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Highlands Power

Next-Gen Electric Motors

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Highlands Power
Electric Vehicles
Silicon Valley
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Defining our brand

A company proving that business can change the world for the better.

Our brand values

A product cannot be "just ok" in one area, it must excel in all aspects in order to be successful.

The words we use

Quality, Simplicity, Beneficial, Revolutionary.

Our brand image

Quality products solving tough problems.

Our brand colors


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why connect with us?

We want customers to know that we have their interests at heart. We put the mission of the company before the quarterly report, and our customers benefit from that. All actions we make improve the products and services we offer to our customers, and Highlands strives to communicated that. Our team is not out to make the most profit possible, we are out to change the world.


why we're here

We exist to further the mass adoption of electric vehicles. The world needs to switch from fossil fuels as soon as possible, and our technology can help catalyze the process.

What makes us different

Highlands is a company that hbelieves both business and technology are equally important to success. Many companies focus on the technology or the marketing aspect, but seldom both. We develop great products as well as a great business model.

why We're unique

ALmost every decision we made for the brand was based on a story. The logo, the name, even the color scheme has a personal connection to the founders. It is all in the name of connecting to our customers personally as well as professionally.

our future

Highlands' vision for the future is to become what is quite rare these days: a business that is loved. In a few short years we want to prove to people that deception and greed aren't the only way to succeed in the business world, that you can make money without ruining others work.

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