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Magenta Biolabs

Getting old is mandatory, how we age is optional.

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Magenta Biolabs
Cosmetics, Biotechnology, Innovation
Cork, Irlanda
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Defining our brand

We attack the aging problem, we want people to look young and beautiful, and forget about the sufferings of elderly.

Our brand values

Eco-friendly, safe, high quality, innovative, creative, dynamic, affordable.

The words we use

Cosmetics, innovative, redesign, industries, optimization, natural process, aging, elderly, alternative, beauty, no-wrinkles, young, energy.

Our brand image

Fresh, Cosmetics, ecofriendly, anti-aging, glamour, style, skin care.

Our brand colors


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Top 5 Cosmetics, Biotechnology, Innovation

  1. Magenta Biolabs
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  1. Magenta Biolabs
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why connect with us?

Nobody wants to look bad, connect with us to be updated about how we are going to do people age gracefully.


why we're here

In April 2016 the company started, since that we have being trying to create the companies' identity

What makes us different

We are changing the way things are done currently, besides that, one of our values is to upcycle unexploited by products, model which is not being used nowadays.

why We're unique

Science, youth and business all together!! We can transform science into people's reality.

our future

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