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Michael D. Davis

Find your smile!

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Defining our brand

Helping people find their Smile

Our brand values

Everyone has a purpose in life. My purpose is to help you find yours

The words we use

Caring, Inspiring, helpful, educational. entrepreneurial, nurturing, accountability, belief, trust, goals, dreams, achievement, security, joy, purpose, love, peace

Our brand image

Imagine yourself truly happy and fulfilled in your personal and professional life. Picture the security and joy that you will have once you are reaching your goals and dreams. That's the image I want you to keep in your mind when you think about finding your smile.

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why connect with us?


why we're here

To help others discover their ultimate value and purpose in life while being successful through helping others

What makes us different

Each of us is uniquely different. The very fact that we are here, now, and can create and share our experiences and help others relate to their environment and circumstances makes us a valuable part of our community and the world.

why We're unique

I discovered my brand years ago and didn't even understand it at the time. I had a vision. Yes, an actual vision. It wasn't until just recently that I fully understood what it meant. I'm ready to pass this understanding on to others. This is not some religious dogma or plan to sway or convert someone from their beliefs. This is for everyone, where and how they exist today.

our future

To grow into a movement that is understood and recognized around the world for its value and importance to every man, woman and child who chooses to follow their passion and dreams to achieve personal success and happiness. I want people to smile with purpose and meaning.

latest updates

Please join me in as I seek out those people who understand and value the uniqueness of life and believe that each of us has the purpose, need and mandate to succeed, regardless of our circumstances or environment. Each of us deserves to be loved, to be valued, to be secure and to help others to have the same. We all deserve to smile.