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There's First Love, and There's shotshe Love.

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West Hollywood, CA
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Defining our brand

We help turn those poor angles, faint lighting and distressed photos into your genuine beauty.

Our brand values

Our main value is to get you to you and your potential suitor on a first date, as sad as it is, most people get turned down on dating websites without their profile even being read.

The words we use

Your iPhone, you and that hot guy 2 feet away.

Our brand image

We have a youthful, but hopeful image. Young people have become discouraged through digital dating, and has lowered self esteems we are here to bring back the tradition of dating.

Our brand colors


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why connect with us?

People's photo is probably the number one reason they get denied on Tinder or Grindr or any dating site because in America looks are what scores you the date. If you can get a good photo, that is a high quality it's much more likely you will get asked out on that first date.


why we're here

I made my brand in Oct 2015 because I realised that people aren't well accurately portrayed in their one photo on their online dating profiles.

What makes us different

There isn't a company in LA that is affordable and most people on a free dating service cannot afford to pay $300 or more on a 1-hour photo shoot.

why We're unique

It only costs $99 for a 1-hour photo shoot with a seasoned photographer and you are provided with a photo that will make your dating profile stand out.

our future

That gay men and straight women will find our service useful and it would grow to be a nationwide company.

latest updates

We are officially launched in Los Angeles, CA taking reservations or appointments for shoots.