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The Inaxxs Group

Defying the possibilities...

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The Inaxxs Group
Music Branding
West Hempstead, New York
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Defining our brand

The Inaxxs Group works with Christian artists to develop their personal brand and increase engagement.

Our brand values

We hold ourselves to creating real, relatable, and relevant relationships for our clients and their audience.

The words we use

Branding; Brand Integrity; Brand Value; Trust; Confidence

Our brand image

The Inaxxs Group is about being authentic and true.

Our brand colors


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why connect with us?

Christian artists should connect with our brand because we are in the brand building business. Before an artist can market and advertise their latest project, they need to connect with the audience - what makes them unique. Our goal is to develop the artist into a brand that causes more significant engagement.


why we're here

Founded in 2014, The Inaxxs Group was founded on the premise of meeting the need of Christian artists for greater exposure through personal branding and engagement.

What makes us different

In an age where artists are a dime a dozen, The Inaxxs Group works with its clients to personally brand not only their latest project, but the artists themselves. We get artists investors, not just fans.

why We're unique

We are the only company of our kind that focuses totally on branding for Christian artists.

our future

To work with Christian artists to increase their brand across a wide array of platforms.

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