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A new way to run all day

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Defining our brand

Innovation and convenience in one smartphone.

Our brand values

Yotaphone allows users of its smartphones the possibility to run all day on one charge, an unprecedented situation in the world of smartphones.

The words we use

Two screens are better than one. Coolness all over. Always-on eInk.

Our brand image

Coolness, innovation, technical prowess, exotic.

Our brand colors


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why connect with us?

Hands-on with the YotaPhone: the e-ink Android phone that nobody expected. (NY TImes) Ultimately, in an Android market swimming with cookie-cutter handsets, the YotaPhone is a breath of fresh air. (TheNextWeb)


why we're here

Yota Devices is a privately owned international company dedicated to developing and producing high-tech consumer LTE electronics such as smartphones, phablets and routers. We sold more than 4 million 4G connectivity devices since first products went on the market in 2009.

What makes us different

Our team developed the world’s first dual-screen, always-on smartphone, YotaPhone, which went on sale in December 2013 in select markets in Europe, Russia and Middle East.

why We're unique

We are inspired by taking risks and innovating mobile communications to bring value to users. We are a start-up company that had a big idea and we’ve executed on that idea. We looked at the smartphone from another side, literally, and created YotaPhone.

our future

To keep innovating and making smart devices that use low power to enable users last more than a day on a full charge.

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